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Dale appeals against exclusion

The TOTAL supported Peugeot 106 Super 1600 took Justin Dale to glory in the Formula Rally Championship after a very tense battle all year against the Ford mounted Martin Rowe. But in a bizarre twist in December, they disappeared from the leaderboard along with Peugeot from the Manufacturers table.

The exclusion from the results has arisen from a technicality, in that both Peugeot and Proton were perceived to have run un-homologated cars. Formula Rally boss, Andy Moss, issued the amended points on December 5th, following a meeting at which concerns were made.

However, Peugeot Sportís UK Motorsport Manager, Mick Linford commented "We had a separate gentlemanís agreement with the other manufacturers. This meant we had to use the 206 Super 1600 car before the end of the year, which we did. We have appealed against the decision. There are various grounds for the appeal to be successful, but details will be kept until after the appeal has been heard."

The appeal has been put forward to the Stewards of the Championship to re-instate both drivers and Peugeot to their rightful places, respectively first and second in their championships, and we currently await the date of this hearing. It is likely to be heard in early January.

Following the recent change of points awarded in the Formula Rally championship, Justin Dale and Andrew Bargery have meantime been temporarily stripped of their respective Champion Driver and Co-Driver titles. In addition, Peugeot Motor Company is missing from the runner up spot in the Manufacturers Championship.

Mick Linford, Peugeot Sport UK Motorsport Manager, added, "We have done everything that we needed to do to comply with the regulations and fairly won the Driver & Co-driver Titles and Runner-Up in the Manufacturerís Title."

Autosport, the motorsport magazine, has written "For all those who watched this closely-fought and competitive series, to see anyone other than Dale as champion would be a huge injustice. Autosportís National Rally Driver of the Year took the series on merit, scoring three wins in seven rounds."

17th December 2001

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